#DontSweatYourPants with SIX:02 & SIX:02/Under Armour Giveaway!

I hope you entered yesterday’s giveaway for Louva Arm Warmers, because today I have another fun giveaway for you from the amazing people at SIX:02! As you know, I worked with SIX:02 in the past as their running ambassador and was even on their website as part of the Fit Crew. I love SIX:02 because of their focus on helping women feel good about themselves, their passion for fitness, and all the fun and exciting events they have at their stores (such as Flywheel nights and the recent SIX:02 6K in Dallas). SIX:02 is truly passionate about you and what you need to achieve your goals.

 SIX:02 has apparel and gear for all women and offers a variety of brands for all your fitness needs–including major brands such as Nike, Asics, Mizuno, The North Face, Thorlo, Saucony, and Under Armour, among others. Basically, no matter what your sport is, you can get anything you could possibly need just by visiting SIX:02.


This winter, SIX:02 wants to put your New Year’s resolutions into high gear by outfitting you right and making sure you are ready to hit the road in style. As a top women’s fitness retail destination, SIX:02 definitely knows the importance of finding perfect fitting pant that makes you feel as good as you look and wants to help you find a perfect pair for you! We all know there’s not much worse than going out for a long run and having itchy pants or having to pull them up the whole time. Its enough to drive the most patient people crazy (and I’m not that patient with that stuff, so it bothers me in a split second!).

Which leads me to the fun, exciting announcement. The amazing people at SIX:02 and Under Armour are partnering on a fun new campaign so you #DontSweatYourPants! As part of the partnership, you can bring in any pair of gently-used pants to a SIX:02 store (store locations are listed here), where they will be collected and donated to Goodwill. In return, you will receive $10 off a new pair of Under Armour pants or capris from December 26, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

And for all you social media lovers out there, beginning December 26th, SIX:02 is encouraging women to share Instagram photos and Twitter tweets tagged with the hashtag #DontSweatYourPants for a chance to win a $100 SIX:02 gift card. $100?! That’s amazing and for me of course you know that money would go right to some new running gear, of course.


This campaign really is in the spirit of the holidays and I love that the pants you bring to the store will be donated to Goodwill, I think thats an amazing way to help others while doing something you would normally do–shopping! Also, since Under Armour has a TON of selection and some super cute pants, you just can’t lose. Whether you’re active in running, yoga, training, or any other type of cool workout, Under Armour offers something for everyone at SIX:02, including two I’m loving right now: the Printed Fly-By Compression Capri and the ColdGear Cozy Legging.

But my one favorite pair is the Under Armour Perfect Zipped Leggings. These come in the most amazing patterns and colors, with a super cute design that I haven’t seen anywhere else before. Wearing these will be a fun way to stand out in a sea of black running leggings this winter (but there is still a black option if you wanted it)!

Under Armour Perfect Zipper Legging

Under Armour Perfect Zipped Legging

Here’s the run-down on the Perfect Zipped Leggings:

-UA Perfect super soft, brushed fabric has a matte finish for a clean, classic look.
-Lightweight, 4-way stretch construction improves mobility and maintains shape.
-Wide waistband that sits right on your hips.
-Anti-microbial strut gusset construction fits just right and never looks too tight.
-Hidden waist pocket.
-Back ankle zippers for easy on/off and versatile style.

 Luckily for one of you, SIX:02 has offered to give one of YOU a pair of the Under Armour Perfect Zipped Leggings for your very own (in the color and size of your choosing)! These pants are super cute and you will absolutely love them. But for those of you who don’t win, don’t forget starting December 26th to tweet/Instagram using the hashtag #DontSweatYourPants for a chance to win a gift card! And if you live near a SIX:02 store, bring in a pair of gently-used pants for $10 off a new pair of UA pants.

Instagram SIX02&UA

This giveaway will end December 22nd at 11:59PM EST and the winner announced shortly after. Enter via Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: SIX:02 sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.


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Louva Gear Arm Warmers Giveaway & Asics and Under Armour Giveaway Winners

The holidays are officially here and Christmas is right around the corner (ah!)… hope all your shopping is done or almost done! Last week we kicked off the holiday with two awesome giveaways from Asics and Under Armour, and this week there are a few more to celebrate the holidays with some of my favorite things. Up today is a giveaway sponsored by Louva Gear Arm Warmers and the wonderful people at this company want to give one of you a pair!

Screen shot 2014-12-16 at 8.10.27 PM

Louva Gear started with arm sleeves because the owner, a runner, searched far and wide for arm sleeves with a thumbhole but was unable to find one. So an idea was born to create a warm, comfortable, and affordable arm sleeves because, they figured, other people must be looking for the same thing! And the idea was born and the Louva Arm Sleeves were made.

Screen shot 2014-12-16 at 7.03.42 PM

Here’s some fun facts about these awesome arm sleeves:

-Wide band at the top to prevent them from sliding down without cutting off circulation
-Convenient and easy to take off and put on as you run
-Thumbhole and extended length to help your hands and fingers warm
-Keeps your arms warm without overheating
-Stretchy material makes it the size really fit for most people.
-And my favorite feature… you can write on them! Write your favorite quote, race splits for pacing, or basically anything you want to write.

Right now, these sleeves only come in white but they will soon be released in black color. They are made of soft, warm, stretchy 98% Nylon / 2% Spandex.



I was so happy when I opened the package with these arm sleeves and put them on. They are SO soft and much longer (length-wise) than most pairs I have, which I like for wearing on colder days where its not quite cold enough for gloves but not warm enough to have nothing on my hands while running. And to be honest, in general I haven’t found any arm warmers with thumbholes, so these really seem to be filling in a missing aspect of the arm warmer market.

Arm warmers have been my favorite new piece of running gear this year in general. I never wore them before I started marathon training, but fell in love with them and realize how amazing they are. As someone who gets hot when they run, its great to have these on cooler weather days to help stay warm but also having the option to remove them if I get too hot. Its the best of both worlds really! And the Louva Arm Warmers are a comprehensive version of the classic piece of running gear, and at just $12 a pair you can’t lose.

Louva Arm Warmers

Louva Arm Warmers


Louva Arm Warmers

And now the giveaway part. Enter below via Rafflecopter for your chance to win one pair of your own Louva Arm Warmers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway will end December 21st at 11:59PM EST and the winner will be announced shortly after. Good luck! There are also more fun giveaways to come this week so stay tuned!

Disclosure: LouvaGear sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.


Also, the winners for last week’s giveaways are… a Rafflecopter giveaway




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‘Calia by Carrie’ Launch Event: Carrie Underwood’s New Fitness Line (& Meeting Her!)

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a NYC event (#StayThePath) for a sneak peek of Carrie Underwood’s upcoming new fitness apparel line– Calia By Carrie Underwood. I was super excited when hearing that Carrie was creating fitness gear for so many different reasons:
1. I’m a huge country music fan and a big fan of hers so I had faith she would do a great job with this line
2. She dresses so adorable so I knew the clothing had to be super cute too
3. As a runner I’m always excited to try new fitness gear with unique concepts and styles, which Calia most definitely has a lot of.

Calia by Carrie Underwood

Calia by Carrie Underwood

When I arrived to the event it was beautifully decorated and adorned with Calia clothing hanging around for us to take a peek at, as well as a mood board in the back. I also immediately noticed lots of pretty patterns, floral, and colors, as well as clothing for all women–from more form fitting to looser flowy tops. The feel of the fabrics was soft and of great quality, but had the moisture wicking qualities that are so important to an active woman.

Before we heard from Carrie, there were healthy snacks and drinks around for us to try including a delicious pomegranate juice that I was obsessed with. Healthy CAN be delicious I swear!


They also had a really fun and unique area set up where you could make your own flower bouquet from a selection of an absolutely beautiful variety of flowers. Since there are a great deal of florals in the Calia line, I thought this was a fun and thoughtful touch and a lovely way to put everyone in a happy mood with some beautiful nature. Plus what girl doesn’t love getting a pretty bouquet to take home… the only problem was picking which flowers I wanted!

Make your own bouquet with Calia!

Make your own bouquet with Calia!

My Calia bouquet

My Calia bouquet

After chatting with some of the other attendees, shortly after arriving, the panel arrived on stage along with the beautiful (and adorably pregnant!) Carrie Underwood. It was amazing to be standing right in front of her listening to her talk about something she is so passionate about, it just made me more excited to try out her fitness line. From Carrie we learned a little bit about Calia and its goals for women as well as styles. Calia aims to fill the gap in fitness apparel that exists–specifically, if clothing performs well it isn’t too attractive, or if its attractive it doesn’t necessarily perform well. It is both cute and stylish while also performing well during your toughest workouts.

Carrie discussing Calia.

Carrie discussing Calia fitness apparel

Carrie discussed how designing these clothes is similar to singing in that it allowed her to show her creative side, so she enjoys being very involved in with the creation of the clothing pieces. Calia is also another opportunity to inspire strong women and help those women to inspire others who want to look and feel good. This fitness line was created with input from women all over, from Carrie’s friends to women across the country to help address the gripes they have with fitness gear. She really spent the time to listen to what women really want in their fitness gear and translate that into cute and functional outfits, which I absolutely respect.

For example, some of the shirts are longer in the back to help prevent them from rising up and to cover the booty a little. There are higher rise pants with power mesh at the waistband for air movement and to help keep everything in place (things you don’t want giggling!). The fabrics are moisture-wicking and include some pieces with feminine ruching and strapping for a more flattering style. The goal is to have workout wear you can wear as your street wear.

Some of the Calia styles... a sneak peek!

Some of the Calia styles… a sneak peek!

Here’s some other fun features of the Calia By Carrie Underwood fitness apparel line:

-Lots of hidden pockets, including a hidden zipper rather than one that there usually is on your back (which can really hurt during supine exercises!)
-Thumb holes galore!
-Fun and feminine colors. A signature floral pattern and rose goal style.
-Clothes are designed to be mix and match so they can be worn together.
-Quality materials that hold up wash after wash.

I also love the motto/hashtag: Stay The Path. Calia is about finding your goals and working hard to achieve them If you commit to your goals and #StayThePath, cute, well-performing fitness gear can absolutely help you to accomplish anything you can dream of.

We also got a preview of some of the clothing on a few models.. and the clothes are even cuter on actual people than in the photos which got me even more excited for the line to launch in March! Clothing ranges to include tights, tanks, short sleeves, long sleeve jackets, sports bras, scarves, leg warmers, headbands, and so many other fun things to make you look your best from head to toe!

Carrie and models showing off the Calia fitness gear.

Carrie and models showing off the Calia fitness gear.

One of the best lines from Carrie was, Calia is about “people doing what they love and wanting to show it to the world.” I think thats a beautiful perspective and something we all should be doing. Anyone can inspire any other person, and we should try our best to do so every day.

Here’s some facts about the clothing to get you a sense of the performance level it offers.

Screen shot 2014-12-14 at 7.39.34 PM

Here’s some sample prices for Calia gear below. So as you can see it is both cute and affordable!

Screen shot 2014-12-14 at 7.39.39 PM

After hearing Carrie speak and getting a speak peek of the beautiful clothing, I got the amazing opportunity to meet Carrie! I have to admit I was a bit star struck after following her music for so many years (and I’m also a big Brad Paisley fan who she works closely with) but managed to get out a few words in Carrie’s presence. Someone told Carrie that I just ran a marathon and she congratulated me and we quickly chatted about marathons… which was amazing. She’s just as pretty and sweet as I always thought she was.. a real amazing person!

Meeting Carrie Underwood!

Meeting Carrie Underwood!

As a special treat, we also got to take home a goody bag filled with a water bottle and an adorable Calia scarf. In fact, its the same one Carrie was wearing during the event that I was eyeing the whole time, so it was a nice surprise to get one to take home! The scarf is incredibly soft and made of very comfortable and airy material, so my neck didn’t get sweaty at all while it still kept me warm. And very importantly, it looks so darn pretty and so stylish! Perfect to wear when you are leaving the gym after a workout. I’ve been wearing it everywhere!

Calia scarf and water bottle.

Calia scarf and water bottle, with Carrie’s autograph.

Want some Calia for yourself? It launches in early March 2015 and will be sold exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods. You can check their website to stay updated on information related to the launch!


Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event but was not asked to write about it in any way. I just love Carrie and Calia!


Are you excited for Calia like I am?
What pieces of clothing from this brand are you most excited about?

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