EnduroPacks: The Micronutrients You Need for the Long Run

Recently, I was raising money for Team Salute which is a charity for military members and their families. On my blog post promoting my fundraiser, I got a donation and blog comment from someone who’s brother was in the Marines for 4 years and was touched by my brother’s story. He and I got to talking and eventually I found out that that person works for a company called EnduroPacks, a nutrition company for endurance athletes. EnduroPacks provides runners and triathletes with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and recovery products to help keep athletes strong and healthy. I immediately was excited about this company and the opportunity to try out their products!


So what is EnduroPacks all about? Well, the company focuses on wholesome nutrition aimed at endurance athletes. Specifically, their products promote immune system health and hydration, reduce soreness and aid in recovery, and are all-natural/organic/vegetarian. What I love about EnduroPacks is their dedication to providing natural products that maximize performance of athletes.

I personally got to try out the 30-day daily micronutrient system. I was diligent with using the system as I increased my mileage in preparation for the Chicago Marathon which I ran a month or so ago–I figured training for a marathon was a perfect time to test out these products that are designed for endurance athletes. I think a marathon classifies as endurance, don’t you? 😉 What I found was that using the system resulted in increased energy and decreased muscle soreness/fatigue as my training went on which is what every endurance athlete hopes for. This gives the body an opportunity to not be stopped by muscle soreness and for us to be able to push ourselves to the next limit. Think “completing an Ironman” for you triathletes out there.


The 30-day micronutrient system offers natural, organic vitamins and minerals essential for hydration, muscle recovery, and a strong immune system–and all the products are in highly-absorbent formats. Here are some specific details about the individual components of the micronutrient system:


Liquid Multi-Vitamin:
-High potency, fast absorbing liquid multi-vitamin and mineral formula.
-Provides the nutrients you need to maintain proper health and avoid injury during training.
-Iron-free, GMO-free, and 100% vegetarian formula.
-The flavor of this is great and doesn’t upset my belly like regular pill-form vitamins do. I took this without food and had no problems at all which I LOVE! Tastes great and is an easy way to take your vitamins :)

Essential Amino-Acid Patch:
-Transdermal adhesives provide convenient and effective absorption of aminos for athletes.
-Apply one patch daily to clean, dry skin on inner forearm or stomach post-workout for 4-8 hours.
-Facilitates muscle and tissue repair and lung function.
-Vegetarian-based formula of the essential amino acids.
-These really made a difference! My body recovered so much faster on days when I used these after a long/strenuous workout than days when I didn’t. Plus, they’re easy to use–just put one on and go!


Concentrated Electrolyte Spray:
-Concentrated liquid formula for fastest absorption.
-Convenient spray, add 10 sprays to 16oz of water or liquid of choice for hydration.
-Broad-based electrolyte formula promotes energy, blood flow, muscle contraction, and health during exercise.
-NO added sugar or artificial ingredients.
-You really should be rehydrating after a long workout with electrolytes–water alone isn’t enough to replenish (especially after summer workouts where you sweat a lot). Its SO easy to spray this into your drink to get what your body needs without all the sugar that’s in traditional electrolyte drinks.

L-Glutamine Recovery Complex
-Replenishing L-glutamine levels in your muscles reduces the likelihood of injury and fatigue.
-Helps replenish nitrogen lost from training, speeds recovery, and reduces muscle soreness.
-Take post workout for maximum recovery.
-This was SO effective for me and really made a difference in my overall recovery. When I started using this my recovery time significantly decreased and I was able to get back to my workouts sooner after long run days during the end of marathon training. This is a product I’ve looked for forever and finally found “the one!”. Love love love.

Also, each of the products are all-natural, organic, vegetarian, gluten-free and GMO-free products. They’re also all manufactured in the USA which you just can’t beat!


I found that EnduroPacks improved my athletic performance a noticeable amount and helped make my Chicago Marathon training much more positive and pleasant! I had much more energy to live my life on my long run days (before using this system I would spend my whole day in bed after a long run!) and was able to even work out the day after long runs which I was never able to do before. I really felt like it made a big difference for me and I am someone who can be critical of supplements! EnduroPacks are really something fantastic and for any endurance athlete I recommend trying it out. Read below for a discount code if you decide you want to try it (which you really should!). And if you don’t believe be, a quick internet search of other reviews will confirm my positive reviews and thoughts on this product :)

Check out EnduroPacks on their social pages and give them some likes:

EnduroPacks Website
EnduroPacks Twitter
EnduroPacks Facebook
EnduroPacks Instagram


Click here to check out the micronutrient system and click here to check out how to get these items individually (in addition to other awesome products).

And here’s a fun promotion for my readers and followers—EnduroPacks wants to give you 20% off. Just go to the site, load up your cart, and use the promo code RUNLIKEAGRL for your discount!



Disclosure: I received the 30 day system free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, as usual!

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Meals on the Run: Cooking from the Runner’s World Cookbook

The past few weeks, I’ve been trying out recipes from the brand-new Runners World Cookbook entitled Meals on the Run. I was sent the book to review (for free in exchange for an honest review) and ever since it arrived at my door I’ve been loving cooking up all the fun and delicious recipes. I love that they’re geared specifically for runners. There’s so much uncertainty when cooking as a runner because its hard to know what ingredients to combine to help fuel a long run, or a speed workout, or snacks to eat in order to maximize performance.

Meals on the Run includes over 150 healthy recipe options (with 75 beautiful photos!) that can help spruce up our routine and provide well-balanced meals for an endurance lifestyle– Meals on the Run is now my number one source for healthy eating!


What I love about this book is how easy it is to navigate. The book is broken down into the following sections:

-Smoothies and Juices
-Snacks and Sweets
-Soups & Stews
-Pasta & Noodles
-Vegetarian Mains & Sides
-Seafood Mains
-Meat & Poultry Mains

But in addition to these sections, they’ve included special menu lists in the back of the book to help you find recipes that are best for your needs: pre-run, recovery, 5-minute fixes, 10 minutes tops, and hydrating, in addition to meals for those with dietary restrictions like vegetarian, vegan, low-calorie, and gluten-free.


Each recipe includes: the total time needed to prepare the dish, the nutrition per serving and number of servings the recipe will yield.  Additionally many of the recipes offer a “quick tip” such as how to keep ingredients fresh or an alternate way to prepare or serve the dish.

All the meals in the book take 30 minutes or less to make and at the top each recipe it says whether it falls into one of those special menu lists and whether or not its best for pre-run, recovery, or hydration. This key on top makes it super easy to use and to help prepare meals based on your needs as a runner and athlete. The keys also provide suggested recipe combinations, which helps runners to create meal plans based on a specific training plan such as marathon training.

Unlike other cookbooks, Meals on the Run is unique for the athlete and runner. Specifically,

-Meals are created specifically for the nutritional needs of runners.
-Ingredients in the meals include fresh, simple ingredients that are natural and minimally processed.
-These meals are fast to make–all under 30 minutes, with some being able to be made in 5-10 minutes! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have all night and day to prepare meals, so I truly appreciate that these are fast to make and typically don’t include pages and pages of ingredients–they’re so accessible and delicious!

I’ve already tried out several of the recipes and loved them all! Here’s two of my favorites: one from the food section and one healthy dessert. I especially loved the soup now that the weather is getting cold–it was so filling and hearty! My camera doesn’t do my version of the soup justice–it looked much better and is delicious :)

IMG_7984 IMG_7977

And because I have a sweet tooth, I was searching for healthier dessert options, and found these two. I haven’t tried the frozen yogurt yet but love the chocolate pudding. And I’m a big fan of using high protein and unexpected foods in my dessert, for instance this pudding includes silken tofu!

IMG_8644 IMG_8649

The hardcover Meals on the Run cookbook is about $20 on Amazon, so go pick one up for yourself!

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#MasterIt with ASICS: Introducing the New ASICS MetaRun (and how you can win a pair!)

Today, the amazing team at ASICS is proudly launching a project 3 years in the making. Without an restrictions on what they could spend or do to create this new shoe, the team at the ASICS Institute of Sports Science created the most revolutionary shoe to date with features never before seen. The team created 4 new patents and focused on making the best running shoe possible. So without further ado, I’m so excited to introduce you to the brand new (and not yet released) ASICS MetaRun!


What makes the MetaRun special? Well, that would be the five new revolutionary brand technologies:

FlyteFoam: Newly patented midsole material that is about 55% lighter than industry standard foam used in other shoes. Is is also more resilient to increase cushioning due to built-in organic fibers, while being incredibly durable.
AdaptTruss: newly patented, carbon reinforced two-piece adaptive stability system beneath the arch. It adapts to the support needs of the individual runner.
Jacquard Mesh: a single-layer mesh to proide a sock-like fit, with Sloped DUOMAX, a dual density midsole shaped and positioned to adjust to dynamic motion.
MetaClutch: exoskeleton with built-in memory foam that wraps the lateral and medial side of the ankle bone.
X-GEL: hybrid high-tech gel


This new shoe is unlike anything that has been released by ASICS, or any company for that matter. The MetaRun promises to change the running shoe market, and I for one am incredibly excited for the official US launch of this shoe at the end of this month (they’ll be available on Black Friday). The MetaRun will retail at $250.



Want to win a pair for yourself?! This is one amazing opportunity as these will be launched with an extremely limited release–so you’ll be running with some awesome, exclusive shoes on your feet if you win!

Here’s how to enter:

Share on Instagram how you will focus your energy on removing any barriers you can to #MasterIt–what are you wanting to master and how will you attempt to get there? Follow the instructions below; 5 lucky winners will receive a pair of this yet to be released shoe. #MasterIt.

1. Post a photo showing what ‪#‎MasterIt looks like for you & include the hashtag in your description
2. Check your Instagram direct messages each week to see if you are a winner (selections made on 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27 & 12/4).
3. Learn more about what limits ASICS is shattering at http://www.asicsamerica.com/metarun

You can enter between now and December 4th so get to sharing how you #MasterIt!


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