The Blog Posts I’ve Been Writing & I’m About To Get Hitched!

Hey all! Its been quite a while since my last post but I swear I have a good reason–wedding planning! My wedding is now in 11 days (eek!!) and I’ve been busy planning all the nitty gritty details for the past few months which has left me tired and SO excited for resting on our honeymoon! We’ve chosen to make the wedding very personalized which has added to all the planning and details. So basically I did this to myself, but I think the wedding will make all the hard work worth it :) I’m going to be a Mrs so soon!


While I haven’t posted on this page for a while I have been writing blog posts. If you remember, I work with a company called Cal EZ which creates individual packets of powdered calcium+vitamin D. These packets are SO easy to incorporate into your daily routine and I don’t go a day without sprinkling mine over my breakfast or mixing it into my drink.


As a writer for their blog, my focus is basically similar to what I write about here: health, running, fitness. Although I’ve been stepping outside my past posts a bit and have taken to also creating workouts on the Cal EZ blog! I’m finally writing down my own workouts and sharing them with you! So, to keep you guys busy while I’m off getting married and traveling on my honeymoon the next few weeks, here’s a bunch of my past posts on the Cal EZ blog for you to check out:

What They Don’t Tell You About Running Half Marathons

The Craziest Workout Moves for the Craziest Body

Hate Running? Here’s How To Love it!

Tips for Exercising With Your Dog

Springtime Exercise Tips for the Outdoors

Quick Workout for your Afternoon Energy Boost

Stretches for Anytime of the Day

Happy reading!!

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ASICS Fall Preview (Including the 2016 NYC Marathon shoe!)

The summer may be approaching, but for a runner the summer often is all about training for a fall race. So even though our thoughts are all about upcoming shorts and tank top weather, preparing for the fall is important. And its more fun to think about fall when you have fun gear and shoes to look forward to! ASICS recently invited me to check out their fall collection and I could not be more excited for the fall–its my favorite time of year! Race excitement is in the air (especially here in NYC!) and ASICS has just made it even better with what they have in store for the fall (and some of these shoes launch in the summer so you can wear them sooner than the fall!)


This fall, ASICS is really embracing patterns, reflectivity, and including details that are sure to make you fall in love. All of the gear is thoughtful for the runner, including gear with mesh pockets where they’re needed, storage pockets for your gels/keys/credit card, seamless construction of some pants, and water resistant pockets. Another fun feature in some of the clothing is glow-in-the-dark–they used a specific type of photoluminescence that is put into the yarn to emit light when charged by sun or UV light to be seen in the dark. This, in addition to reflective gear, will help keep you safe on the road especially during those early morning or evening runs.


Check out the sports bras in the lower right corner of the above photo–even the bras are adorable. If I create some abs by the time this bra is released I would wear it to work out–c’mon abs!

ASICS also has created clothing and shoes for training, crossfit, and indoor gym workouts. They aren’t just for runners anymore! Features include ASX Lux, seamless fabrics, and breathable materials. And their training gear is flattering and cute to flatter as you lift more weights than the men at the gym :)


Photo source:


Photo source:

ASICS has also created their very first down jacket for the winter weather, and not only is it warm but super stylish too! Can’t wait for that jacket to hit the shelves so I can scoop one up.

Here are some other new and exciting things for the upcoming collection:

FlyteFoam technology: midsole is about 55% lighter than the industry standard foam used in other shoes. Its built-in reinforcement fibers return to their original shape, providing maximum cushioning at every step. You can find this in the Gel Kayano 23, and in future styles too.
360° Protection / Lite-Show360 degrees of reflective protection so that you are covered from head to toe. Lite-show gear contain reflective materials throughout the entire product, with stylish features designed to enhance visibility during low light hours and to keep you warm during cold weather days.

Lite-show gear!

Lite-show gear!

Super fun patterns in the Lite-Show collection

Super fun patterns in the Lite-Show collection

And of course there are updates to what ASICS is best known for: shoes! One of my favorite updates is with the GEL-Quantum 360 2, which will available in chameleon color shifting mesh for a color-shifting style. Basically, your shoes change color depending on the angle you are looking at them at. It’s honestly amazing and I couldn’t stop moving them around to see all the colors!

GEL-Quantum 360 2

GEL-Quantum 360 2

 Updates are also coming to the GEL-Kayano 23, which features the Dynamic DuoMax Support System which holds your heel better and provides superior toe spring. It will also feature Convergence GEL Technology and FlyteFoam Technology. The GEL-Cumulus 18 will also feature Convergence GEL Technology! 

 One of my favorite shoes, the fuzeX will also be getting a sister. The fuzeX TR is ASICS’ new training shoe inspired by the fuzeX, with 360 degree of support and a secure fit but room in the toe box like the current fuxeX. It also has fuzeGEL and Solyte midsole materials. 

ASICS is also releasing some rockin’ awesome patterns for their popular shoes–I MUST have these!


Charity collection

Charity collection

One of the most exciting collection of shoes at the preview event was the 2016 NYC Marathon shoe! This is ASICS’ last year sponsoring the event which makes this shoe extra special. The design is inspired by passport stamps and it is stylish and unique–I love them so much and can’t wait to pick up my pair at the NYC Marathon Expo this November! It will be available in the GEL Kayano, GEL Nimbus, and fuzeX styles.

IMG_2811 IMG_2810

And lastly, ASICS has also created new accessories with fun patterns to match their other styles–hats, arm warmers, headbands, hair ties, gym bags, and socks that correspond with each shoe. Yes, you can by the Gel Kayano sock to wear with your Gel Kayano shoe! I especially love the arm warmers. I’ve fallen in love with them recently and have been looking for more fun patterns–ASICS has given me just what I need with these babies!


The fall collection is fun, thoughtful, and encompasses so many needs of the runner. I can’t wait to try out the fun patterns in the clothing AND in the shoes, as well as some great updates for your favorite running shoes! Keep an eye out for these items, some of which will be released starting this summer. Happy running :)


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#TestTheWater with Simple Skincare

I’ve had ongoing issues with my skin my whole life and have always suffered from breakouts, uneven tone, and my skin gets irritated very easily. Because of this I have searched for years for the right products for me to prevent my skin from getting irritated–and those all tend to be for those of us with “sensitive skin.” When I found Simple Skincare years ago, I knew it was the perfect match for me. I’ve been using their facial cleansing wipes for years now, especially to quickly clean my face after a race or before going to bed. So when I was asked to try out some of their other products and to share how I #TestTheWater, I immediately jumped at the opportunity (also, see below for how to enter their photo contest to win a Simple gift pack or a grand prize luxury retreat trip!).


Their focus on sensitive skin is perfect for my skin type–I’ve never gotten irritated from any of their products (and that’s saying something–I’ve tried just about everything over the years!) and I love how gentle their formulas are. I recently got the chance to try out one of their newest products–the Micellar Cleansing Water.


Micelles are Simple’s smart cleansing bubbles, which “attract and lift make-up and impurities out of your skin without leaving it dry or tight.”  And that’s not a lie. The Cleansing Water is basically a face wipe, but better. It has the following ingredients (from Simple website):

Triple Purified Water: Our purest possible water to help minimize potential from extraneous particles or contaminants that can irritate skin.
Vitamin B3: Known to restore, soften and smooth dry skin.
Vitamin C: A water soluble antioxidant vitamin known to soothe skin.
Hexylene Glycol: Helps dissolve make up and kindly conditions the skin

This is so gentle on my skin and makes it feel clean and fresh. I feel like it gets down into my pores better than the wipes do, so I’ve started using this when I’m at home and the Micellar Wipes when I’m on the go! I’m so glad I had the chance to try this out–it’s now part of my nightly routine and helps me get off all the dirt from the day to help prevent overnight breakouts. My skin is already looking better after incorporating it into my routine.


The wonderful people at Simple also sent me this awesome Longchamp bag with my Simple products to help me when I’m on the go and traveling. As you know, I have a wedding this year so this bag will be the perfect way to travel somewhere new on my honeymoon and bring along all my favorite skincare products! I’ve already been packing it up and taking it to some great places!

Want to get yourself some awesome swag? You can win yourself a Simple Skincare gift pack OR a grand prize trip on a luxury retreat by entering Simple’s latest photo contest. Really, you can’t beat either of these prizes. And to enter, Simple wants you to step outside your routine and #TestTheWater by trying something new–and then sharing about it! It can signing up for a race you never tried, climbing that mountain you’ve wanted to hike, or traveling to a new place. Simple wants you to share your experiences.

You can enter two ways:

1.By sharing a photo of you trying something new on Twitter or Instagram, using BOTH the hashtags #TestTheWater and #SimpleContest.
2. Clicking here and uploading your photo! It’s as ‘simple’ as that..

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 9.30.41 PM

Go out there and try something new! You never know where that might take you.


Disclosure: I was provided complimentary Longchamp bag and Simple products. All opinions expressed are my own.


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