Sweating Through Summer Training: Chicago Marathon Update

Whoa its been busy! Honestly, wedding planning (wedding is next summer) has taken up a TON of my time. I never realized how much work and coordination it is to plan a wedding between finding caterers, florists, photographers, a dress, and everything else on top of trying to plan all the personal touches and details. I’ve still got plenty of time luckily but I’m trying to get a head start on all the big stuff and its left me with little time for much else. Also, there’s that whole “I’m running a marathon in October” thing that’s taking up my time too :)


So as you may know, I’m running the 2015 Chicago Marathon and am super excited! I’m running with Team Salute which is an amazing organization supporting military members and their families–more to come about this! Training is in full swing and it has been no easy feat with the weather being SO hot this summer. Last summer’s training for the 2014 NYC Marathon was way easier because it was so much cooler–I was spoiled! This summer has been a challenge for me and my asthma has been really acting up in this heat. So to manage, I’m trying to take my runs nice and easy to help myself enjoy it more and to try not to suffocate on the Brooklyn humidity.

So far my longest run this training cycle has been 12 miles and in the next coming weeks it will increase to some long runs that I’m actually really excited about. I love the long run and really do enjoy marathon training a whole lot, even on those super sweaty days when I’m complaining and acting like I hate running—I secretly love it deep down (don’t we all?!). I’ve had a lot of company on many of my long runs too, which I highly recommend. Its a great way to stay motivated and accountable throughout the training cycle.

Sweaty after an outdoor run!

Sweaty after an outdoor run!

 Just like last summer, I’ve made a big point of doing a whole lot of crosstraining and strength training in an attempt to prevent injuries. On my non-running days, I’m mixing it up and doing some of the following: cycling, elliptical, swimming, weight/strength training, and core/pilates. I’m also trying to get in better shape so I look great in my wedding dress, although that’s not the main goal its just a benefit of being fit. I should be doing more stretching on a daily basis, I admit, but then I’ve always had a hard time keeping up with my stretching routine. I always stretch after a run, but other times I really try to but it always slips my mind. Whoops! (Don’t do what I do! Stretching is good!!)

My running training plan is the same one I used last year for the NYC Marathon that my sister made for us. We use a Google Doc together to keep each other updated on our workouts and to make training more fun by getting to check in with each other. She lives in Texas so its a good excuse to keep updated on what she’s doing! I really feel like marathon training is way better with a partner (and running buddies! Shout out to Katherine!) and makes it just that more fun. Its such a fun experience, and sometimes frustrating, so its great to have someone to talk to about your roller coaster of emotions :)

Running buddies!

Running buddies!

I’m also doing the NYRR 9+1 program for guaranteed entry into the 2016 NYC Marathon and have only 2 races left! I’m signed up for two in September to tie into my training plan and help me get some miles in on long run days. Looking forward to completing the 9+1 and looking forward to my next marathon in 2016, too! NYCM I’m coming back for you next year and I’ll run smarter this time around I promise!

And here’s a cute photo of Murphy on a boat (it was docked), because he’s cute…



PS. If you’ve run a marathon or plan to, this is a funny/cute article by Runner’s World on thoughts you have running a marathon!


What races are you training for?
Have you ever run a marathon? If not, do you plan to?

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Summer Swag Bag Giveaway from Under Armour!

The summer is here, the heat and humidity are in full gear here in NYC, we’re sweating on our runs and also enjoying some R&R at the beach, and Under Armour wants to help you celebrate with an awesome summer swag bag! I got the chance to get some amazing items to celebrate the summer and make my wardrobe more stylish and fun with a complete outfit, bathing suit, and a kick-butt UA bag to carry it all around in.

Under Armour Summer Swag Bag

Under Armour Summer Swag Bag

I’ve always been a big fan of Under Armour gear for their great fit, versatility (you can wear their clothing out and about or during a workout/run), and that the brand provides so many options for every type of personal style. So much of my running wardrobe is Under Armour and I fall more in love with all their gear all the time.


Under Armour Swag Bag

So when I opened up my summer swag bag package, I was immediately excited by all the fun colors and the unique styles. Here’s what I received:

No-slip headbands: They really don’t slip I swear! And they are super cute, I actually have a bunch that I mix and match depending on my outfit.
-Pure Stretch Underwear: SO comfortable and cute, and the material is perfect for that “barely there” feeling so they don’t get annoying during a workout.
Tri-blend capri pants: These pants are the most comfortable pants ever, I’ve worn them out and about, during strength training workouts, and also to bed sometimes. They’re so so soft all over and the waistband has a drawstring so you can make sure it fits at the waist. I’m totally in love with these pants!


-UA bathing suit top and bottoms: Super cute! And it was so fun going to the beach recently with an UA bathing suit top–its a great material and fits great.


Force of nature tank top: This is a cotton tee that has a really cute design and is also really comfortable. I wear this one everywhere, too, and love that its not too tight but not too loose–its so flattering!
Eclipse Sports Bra: Cutest sports bra design I’ve seen. Its so flattering, is padded, and very supportive. It gives you a shape in the chest area, making you look super awesome at the gym.

Eclipse Sports Bra

Eclipse Sports Bra

UA Big Logo Tote: Cutest bag and I love that it has a smaller storage bag inside of it to hold my wallet, keys, and other items I don’t want to touch my sweaty clothes or other random things I throw in the bag :)


Speedform StudioLux: stylish, lightweight, and versatile! This takes the awesome sporty Speedform model but turns it into an awesome casual shoe.



UA hat: I love hats (I won’t run without one) and this one is great!

Under Armour Swag Bag

Under Armour Swag Bag

And now the wonderful people at Under Armour want to give one lucky reader the chance to win this entire swag  bag for themselves! Seriously–you’ll get all this amazing, comfortable, and stylish gear and show it off :)


Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end July 23rd, 2015 at 11:59PM EST and the winner notified the day after.


Disclosure: Under Armour sent me a complimentary swag bag and is sponsoring a giveaway. All opinions are my own.


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Brooks Running Runway Show & Fall Preview: Run Happy!

In this crazy NYC heat&humidity its been easy to dream of fall running–the crisp air and the cool breeze with the smell of pumpkin everywhere. Ahh, fall is a runners dream. So while we’re sweating it out this summer, I was all too happy to attend a recent event with Brooks Running for a preview of their fall gear and shoes to dream of running in my favorite season! Brooks is a true lover of everything running and focuses its products on runners exclusively, so you know everything they make is designed just for us. Their fall collection is a complete overhaul of their fall line, and their new products definitely do not disappoint!

Brooks Running--Why do you run?

Brooks Running–Why do you run?

I’m so excited about all of the fall gear! Its designed for various environments and includes layering items for managing the fluctuating outside and body temperatures. Some other fun features are the neon collection with some fun bright and reflective patterns and designs for safety during running. And lets face it, runners love neon because its just awesome. In the fall, Brooks will be offering some thicker jackets and long sleeve outer wear. But also will be offering lightweight rain-proof ones (and a rain-proof vest) for those warmer but still rainy days to keep you from overheating.


What I also love about their fall line is that they’ve included items that can be worn for running, but also can be worn out and about as casual-wear. I LOVE anything I can make multiple uses out of and be comfortable in, and I’m typically spending a lot of time in my workout gear. So the combination of comfort and function is perfect for athletes like us! At the event, we got a runway show of all the upcoming apparel, which was super fun!



Brooks has a wonderful line of Moving Comfort sports bras for women, with various levels of support and multiple styles. If you’re brave enough (or have enough abs), some are cute and stylish enough to wear without a shirt over them!

One of the most fun items I saw at the preview are Brooks new line of printed performance socks–the box (see below) includes so many fun patterned socks including holiday-specific ones for any holiday run you would ever want to run. I love that they are high quality performance socks but also whimsical to add a fun element to your running outfit.


And, of course, Brooks will be offering their wonderful line of shoes, including the newest versions– Ghost 8, Glycerin 13, and PureGrit 4. Brooks running features a shoe for everyone form the road runner to the trail runner and from the neutral runner to those who need more cushioning/support. Their updates are fantastic and are definitely worth adding to your collection.

Brooks is also continuing their awesome Heritage line of casual shoes, which I am a HUGE fan. I love my Brooks heritage shoes that really match everything and are casual while being stylish at the same time–the best of both worlds! They have new, fun colors for the fall in their Heritage line including a few pairs that are channeling the 90s (LOVE!) colors and patterns. Awesome!



I’m super excited for Brooks fall collection and I hope you are now too! I got to take home a pair of the Slicker Capris and the Go-To tank, both of which I’ve already fell in love with. They’re fun and also perform so well on my runs. I can’t wait til the fall so I get to wear the capris more often!

Check out Brooks for their current and their fall line!

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