Running Updates & Under Armour Speedform Gemini Release

Its time to update you all on my running! I know I have been MIA in blogging, but be sure to follow me on social media, which is where I’ve been hanging out lately due to being so busy. Another reason had to do with my sporadic running this winter. I turned into a big baby this winter and had trouble finding the motivation to get out there in the freezing cold. Northerners understand–it was a COLD winter! But I decided to use the cold and winter to take a much needed decrease in running to focus on crosstraining and strength training.

I didn’t totally stop running, I just significantly reduced my  mileage. And honestly, it was very helpful and I think everyone should do it every so often. I love signing up for races but it was nice not to have anything on the schedule for a while; anytime I ran there was no distance or time goal–it was running just for the sake of it. And it helped me to remember why I love running and got me motivated for the spring/summer!

Winter running--so snowy!

Winter running–so snowy!

There was also treadmill running this winter.

There was also treadmill running this winter.

But now that I’m back to running normally again, I am thinking about the race schedule for the year. I decided not to enter the NYC Marathon lottery this year, but instead to focus on the NYRR 9+1 this year to get guaranteed entry into the 2016 NYC Marathon. I do want to run it again, but I feel that the 9+1 is the best way for a local runner to get in. So as a result, I decided to instead enter the lottery for the 2015 Chicago Marathon! We don’t find out until the end of April whether we get in or not, but I’m crossing my fingers! It will be fun to run in a new city, so here’s hoping:)

So since I’m doing the 9+1 this year, I have alot of NYRR races to run. Here’s what the schedule is looking like so far..

April: NYRR Scotland Run 10K
April: NYRR Run for the Parks 4m
April: NYRR Run as One 4m
May: NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon
May: NYRR UAE Healthy Kidney 10k
October (tentative): Chicago Marathon

Looking forward to a year of running, and some warmer temperatures to train in :)


I also wanted to share with you a bit of fun new from Under Armour. Early this year, they launched the next version of their Speedform shoe–the Speedform Gemini running shoe! If you remember, I had the chance to try on what I called “rocket shoes”, which were the first version of the shoe called the Speedform Apollo. The Apollo’s are super lightweight and I run in them often for short training runs–they are so comfortable without all the bulk!

So in expanding the Speedform line, Under Armour launched the Speedform gemini this year. This version is built for the athlete who needs extra cushion when taking on longer distances in training, races, or for those who log in the extra miles to reach their fitness goals. Its still lightweight, but with a little more cushion for a longer run. They also come in some awesome colors–bonus!

UA Speedform Gemini

UA Speedform Gemini

Here are some specs about the new shoe!

-Light, flexible, two-tone mesh upper
-Seamless heel cup with foam collar offers a locked-in, anatomical fit
-Smooth, ultrasonic welded seams for next-to-skin comfort & durability
-Charged Foam midsole: cushioned AND responsive.
-Anatomical outsole for natural fit and performance.

UA Speedform Gemini

UA Speedform Gemini

Super cute, right?! Check them out, they are available now!


What are your favorite lightweight running shoes?
What races are you planning to run this year?


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CALIA by Carrie Underwood: Fitness Gear for Active Women

This morning, I was lucky enough to attend an event at OrangeTheory Fitness to help celebrate the launch of Carrie Underwood’s new women’s fitness gear line called CALIA by Carrie! CALIA is launching tomorrow, March 5th 2015, exclusively at DICK’s Sporting Goods Stores in-store and online. If you remember, I met Carrie and got an initial sneak peek of the gear a few weeks ago–I immediately fell in love and was drawn to the fun prints and cue, feminine styles. But today I got the chance to try out the gear during an intense workout to see how it performs and feels… and the gear did not disappoint.



When I arrived for the event, I immediately noticed that they transformed the lobby of OrangeTheory Fitness into a beautiful spring wonderland filled with pretty fitness gear and flowers. I was drawn to all the bright, fun patterns in all the clothing and the gorgeous coloring. The clothing is so beautiful and I wanted to immediately wear everything in there. Some of the fun things I noticed about CALIA gear:

1. The clothing line consists of tops and bottoms, most of which can be used for fitness and workouts but you can also wear them around town. They can be layered or just worn as is–so basically you get two outfits in one!

CALIA layering sweaters and long sleeve tops

CALIA layering sweaters and long sleeve tops– can be worn for the gym, after the gym, or just around town!

2. CALIA also makes accessories–bags, water bottles, scarves, yoga mats, and even super cute underwear. Yes, underwear for your workout (and its adorable and comfortable) that won’t ride up or irritate you.

Love this CALIA scarf!

Love this CALIA scarf!

3. The patterns are fun and flattering on women of all sizes and shapes. During the workout I was in love with how amazing all the women looked dressed head to toe in their CALIA gear.

Don't be afraid of patterns--they are so flattering.

Don’t be afraid of patterns–they are so flattering.

4. The gear is designed for every women to feel cute, stylish, and strong.

CALIA gear is incredibly versatile.

CALIA gear is incredibly versatile.

They also make sports bras for all kinds of women–from lower support bras to higher support depending on you and the workouts you typically engage in. For women who workout in just sports bras (luckily for you all this isn’t me), they come in beautiful colors with fun designs and strapping. I loved the sports bra rainbow at the launch event..

CALIA sports bra rainbow

CALIA sports bra rainbow

After arriving for the event, we were offered beverages and a delicious make-your-own granola table with some delicious and healthy snacks. And with flowers all around, the atmosphere was simply happy. I was also really excited to try out the HIIT-style workout at OrangeTheory Fitness, which I’ve heard great things about. In summary, it was a really great class and I loved the workout a whole lot so much so that I’m considering getting a membership! The workout is a mix of treadmill, indoor rowing, and strength training that gives a challenging, full body workout. I loved it so much I’m going to dedicate another future post to reviewing it in-depth, so stay tuned for a full review of OrangeTheory Fitness–but in the meantime take my word for it and go try it out!

So back to CALIA. After introductions and exploring the gear, we got our workout on. There was a nice group of beautiful ladies all wearing our new CALIA gear to run, row, and lifts some weights. I was super impressed with how the gear performed, since this was my first time sweating in it all. I especially loved the capri tights–the patterns and the fit were perfect. None of the clothes chafed or caused me any discomfort. In fact, it was almost as if I weren’t wearing clothes because I barely noticed them on–which to me is a sign that I’m wearing some awesome, high quality gear.

OrangeTheory Fitness-NYC

OrangeTheory Fitness-NYC

Pre-workout in CALIA gear (including a headband that DIDN'T move budge during the workout!)

Pre-workout in CALIA gear (including a headband that DIDN’T move budge during the workout!)

So I sweat-tested CALIA and it passed with flying colors. We did running, rowing, squats, and stretching and the clothes moved with my body. I am incredibly impressed with the high quality of the gear and that its truly designed not just to look cute but to perform great, too. Some of my favorite features of the gear include the hidden pockets, thumb holes, fine colors including the signature rose gold, mix and match styles, and quality materials.

As for the gear I got to wear for the workout, I am in love with all the pieces and can’t wait to wear them again. I even wore a headband which doesn’t usually happen for me since they always slip off my head, but this one stayed put and looked (I think) super cute. Here is the gear I received, and fell in love with:

CALIA infuser water bottle, sports bra, and signature floral pattern headband

CALIA infuser water bottle, sports bra, and signature floral pattern headband

Long sleeve jacket

Long sleeve jacket

CALIA pink tank top, flowy  , soft material with feminine ruching in the back

CALIA pink tank top, flowy , soft material with feminine ruching in the back

CALIA signature floral pattern capri tights.

CALIA signature floral pattern capri tights.

I have to say I am in LOVE with these pants. I love the thick, higher-waisted waistband. The waistband even has a little zipper in the front of it for storing small items; its great that the zipper is in the front because the zipper doesn’t dig into your back during supine exercises. And I didn’t have to pull them up at all during the workout, not even while running. That means the pants passed the test for me–I LOVE them!

CALIA gym bag, yoga mat, and water bottle

CALIA gym bag, yoga mat, and water bottle


Some technical features of the gear:

Screen shot 2014-12-14 at 7.39.34 PM***

Check out CALIA in DICK’s Sporting Goods stores starting tomorrow March 5th! I hope you are as excited as I am about it :) Check them out on social media:


Some of the Calia styles... a sneak peek!

Calia Gear


Disclosure: I was invited to this event and given CALIA gear to wear for the event. All opinions expressed are my own.


What is your favorite piece of clothing from the collection?
What workout would you do in this gear?



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Running “Naked” & Running into Spring

Today I ran naked. No, I wasn’t in my birthday suit but I did leave my GPS and distance tracker at home. This is a rarity for me since I’m one of those people addicted to knowing their distance and pace for every run. But today I decided to let go a bit, so I got dressed and headed out the door without anything. I’ll admit, out of habit I reached down to my wrist to press my GPS watch on, but alas there was no watch to be found! I don’t know how far I ran today and thats okay–I had FUN! Just get out there and remind yourself why you love to run in its purest form. Before GPS watches people just ran, and its so nice to go back to that once in a while.

Reminiscing about the NYC Marathon on today's run. #TeamAsics

Reminiscing about the NYC Marathon on today’s run. #TeamAsics

As runners, most of us are consumed with our performance and every detail of our run: splits, speed, pace, distance, heart rate. But in that mess of numbers its so easy to forget that what we are really doing is putting one foot in front of the other and letting ourselves be free. For me, running is a time to let everything go and clear my mind. But sometimes its easy to be distracted by the numbers and never allow ourselves to fully detach. So please–run “naked” every now and then and just enjoy the wind at your back, sun in your face, and the way running makes you feel.

I’ve also been doing some treadmill runs this winter because of those -17 degree days. I like winter running but when we get into the negatives thats even too much for me. So the treadmill has been a lifesaver this winter, although I don’t really love it at all! Can’t wait till I can bring all my runs back outside.



Treadmill run

Yesterday's snowfall

Yesterday’s snowfall


Since I was on a runner’s high from my naked run, I was inspired to sign up for some spring races. I’ve been meaning to do this but haven’t remembered to do it. I am planning to do the NYRR 9+1 program again for guaranteed entry into the 2016 NYC Marathon, so I need to get in my races for the year. And running in April and May is my absolute favorite!

So far I’ve signed up for three races: Scotland Run 10K, Run As One 4 mile, and the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I haven’t decided if I’ll sign up for more but I feel like this is a good start, and a nice dent in the 9+1. I’m really looking forward to spring running after this cold and snowy winter.. I’m counting down the days until the Scotland Run!!




In random news, Karl and I made some delicious 75 day dry-aged steaks for Valentine’s Day from our local Brooklyn butcher. They were super thick and so delicious–we have the best butcher ever! And of course a bottle of wine to top off the night. It was a really nice and low key Valentine’s Day for us.

75 day dry aged steaks

75 day dry aged steaks

Other random things:

-I was off this week for President’s Week. A week off was glorious!
-I saw ‘The Imitation Game‘ and I love Benedict Cumberbatch even more than I did before. Amazing movie.
-Murphy met all his grandparents this week (my parents and Karl’s parents)!
-I made Murphy homemade dog biscuits today and he loved them! Only 4 ingredients–super healthy!
-Had the most delicious macaroon yesterday from Laduree. Yum!
-I am having a very hard time finishing the fourth Game of Thrones book. Its not my favorite, you could say.
-I’m ready for spring.

And just because it wouldn’t be a post without it, here’s some random Murphy (my Cockapoo puppy) photos for your enjoyment:

Murphy lays funny sometimes :)

Murphy lays funny sometimes :)

Sitting like a human!

Sitting like a human!


Do you have an upcoming races?
Do you like winter running? How do you handle really cold days?


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