Christmas Festivities & Apera Bags

Merry Christmas! And almos Happy New Year! Man, this year went fast and its not always easy keeping up with how the time is flying. I had to work the days around Christmas this year, but still had a great time celebrating with friends and family. Christmas eve we spent with Karl’s family (where we had an amazing lamb dinner) and Christmas day with mine. Safe to say there was lots of good food, laughs, and Santa hats to go around.

Karl's parents tree.. Like I said, lots of Santa hats!

Karl’s parents tree.. Like I said, lots of Santa hats!

Christmas Day we went to my parents house. I decided to make those Chocolate Crinkle Cookies I told you all about and they were amazing!! I did forget the cocoa powder and went on a mission to find it on Christmas Day.. everything was closed except for CVS. Thank you CVS for being open so I could make my cookies! My mom made some delicious food and I have been in a food coma ever since. Which is why today I went on a nice 5 mile run.. felt amazing to detox a bit from all the deliciousness!

Christmas Day at my parent's house.

Christmas Day at my parent’s house.

I got some great gifts from my family and Karl’s and now have some money to go enjoy the after-Christmas sales! Best time of year for shopping. Especially check out the SIX:02 sale!

I also have another new great item to share with you: my new Apera Tech Pack from Apera Bags! They have a bunch of different styles of bags and I have the Tech Pack which was perfect for all my traveling this week. The Tech Pack is a great crossover bag that fits pretty much everything without looking too big. I packed: my 13″ MacBook Pro for blogging, chargers, snacks, running shoes, tons of clothes, and all my toiletries for my travels. Honestly, I was amazed at how much this bag held and how it has tons of hidden compartments for all my things.

Its a perfect bag for business, but with extra space for all your things to help you play, too. Sounds like me!

Fushia Apera Tech Pack, complete with my Saucony Kinvaras in them.

Fuschia Apera Tech Pack, complete with my Saucony Kinvaras in them.

From the side. Its a great size!

From the side. Its a great size!

I really love the size of this bag all around, its not too big but just the right size to fit everything comfortably. It has several adjustable straps for several of the pockets, a front clasp to secure the bag across your body, and the shoulder straps are wide and cushiony. It will be perfect when I wear this to work, I’ll be able to bring all my things comfortably.

My MacBook Pro going into the computer sleeve.

My MacBook Pro going into the computer sleeve.

Some of the other features I love about this bag:

-The color. Fuschia is so girly and its perfect for me:) But it also comes in two other colors too, enough for everyone.
-Antimicrobial. The material is antimicrobial inside and outside to help prevent the growth of bacteria!
-Vented Compartments&wipeable linings. There are vents so your sweaty post-workout clothes don’t stink up your bag or your work stuff.
-Washable insert. There is a separate insert that comes with the bag that you can place wet items in.
-Cell Phone pocket on top. Totally separate from everything.

But besides their cool products, the best part of Apera is their causeApera donates one bag to a Special Olympics athlete for every three bags they sell. Special Olympics athletes have a place in heart because I have an uncle with Down Syndrome who has always been the happiest and most kind people I’ve ever known. Any cause that supports people like my uncle is one I completely support.

Apera Tech Pack.

Apera Tech Pack.

This is the perfect bag for anyone, since it can be used for traveling, going to the gym, going to work, or going to the gym after work (it can hold all your things and allow you to keep them all separate!). They also have a 20% off Holiday Sale that runs through Dec. 31st (use code Holiday2013). Its a great discount for a bag that you will probably have and use for a really, really long time!


How did you celebrate the holidays?
What were some of your favorite holiday gifts (given or received)?


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  1. Looks like a very Merry Christmas for you and Karl. A 5-miler would feel so wonderful after the typical Christmas indulging. Nice backpack- I always love a backpack that has a specific spot for laptops!

  2. That bag looks fabulous! Glad you had such a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

  3. LOVE that they donate to Special Olympics athletes! I used to coach Special Olympics swimming 🙂

  4. Lex

    What a great bag! I like that they not only have good stuff, but they give back. So cool!

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