2013 Resolutions Recap, 2014 Resolutions & Skiing Vermont

Well, its that time of year again. Firstly, Happy New Year to you and your families! Second, its time for the recap of my 2013 New Years Resolutions. 2013 was quite a tough year for me with so many months of being out of the game due to a stress fracture. But there were some wonderful things too (especially becoming the running ambassador for SIX:02, embracing swimming/biking, and officially starting my professional career as an OT) that helped me get through and become stronger.

So its time to re-visit last years New Years Resolutions to see how I did!

1. Perform strength training/cross training regularly. -This goal I half accomplished. Was a bit de-railed because of injury, but towards the end of the year I improved a lot in incorporating regular strength training!
2. Run a sub-2:00 half marathon. -This didn’t happen, and I don’t think I’m so focused anymore on speed. I just want to run healthy in 2014!
3. ***Train for and complete the 2013 NYCM***. -If you read my blog often, you know I had to defer my entry this year (again, stress fracture). But watch out 2014!
4. Complete at least one cycling event and/or duathlon. –Accomplished! I completed a 25 mile bike tour in Baltimore and had an amazing time.
5. Be consistent with spin and fitness classes and try as many new ones as possible.-I was very diligent with spin early in the year, but fell off with it recently. But I have tried many new fitness classes!
6. Do a 7 minute plank. -Definitely not.
7. Run a really unique or scenic race. -The Baltimore bike tour was very scenic, as was the Nike Women’s Half in DC.
8. Sign up for the 2014 Chicago marathon or an international race.-I am going to delay this for a bit until I prove I can keep myself healthy enough. I will do this someday!
9. Learn to budget better and be more organized with important stuff.-Thanks to Karl, I’ve dont pretty darn well with this! I’m being all responsible and stuff.
10. Eat mostly clean, nonprocessed food. -For the most part, I’ve been pretty decent with this!
11. Go hiking in the spring and fall and go to the beach in the summer. – I did both of those things! Hiking and the beach!
12. Switch my blog to self-hosted. -YES! I did this too!
13. Cook more and try new recipes. -I’ve baked SO much this year and realized I really need a Kitchen Aid.

Honestly, I accomplished so many of the goals I set for myself last year and I’m pretty proud. Sadly, my biggest goals remained unaccomplished because of my stinky body revolting against me. But the past few months I feel so much stronger than ever before, and smarter in how I train. Which leads me to my only two 2014 Resolutions

2014nye png

1. Stay healthy and run injury free in 2014.
2. Cross the finishline at the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon, with a smile.

My health is the only thing that matters to me this year, and running injury-free. I am not as concerned with race speed or amount of races or even total yearly distance. Mainly, I want to run and keep running. And cross the marathon start and finish line in November. I WILL get there!!

What are your resolutions?


I also never got the chance during the craziness of the holidays to share with you some photos from my recent ski trip to Vermont! Karl has some family in Vermont so the first stop we made was at their house for a few nights. We hung out with their four cute doggies and spent some fun family time. We also went to Burlington to the town for a night for dinner and to check out the Christmas decorations. Everything is so festive there!

The view of Lake Champlain.

The view of Lake Champlain.

We also stopped by the University Mall where we found the biggest Vermont teddy bear ever! It was the size of Karl, and I was SO close to buying it. But then I realized I live in NYC and we have no space for a random giant bear, which is sad because I really wanted him! Some day.

Karl with the giant bear!

Karl with the giant bear!

After we spent some time with family, we headed for a few days to Stowe Mountain for some snow and skiing. The conditions were amazing since it snowed about 2 feet in the 3 days before we arrived. So needless to say the ski terrain was perfectly groomed with no ice and hardly that many people on the mountain at all. At times it felt like it was just Karl and I on the mountain, which was so much fun!

At the top of the mountain!

At the top of the mountain!

Ski fun!

Ski fun (and Karl and I riding up on the gondola)

Only thing was it was COLD there. I’m talking it hit about -20 degrees which made for some super cold temperatures at the summit of the mountain. Which is why for the first day we pretty much stayed on the gondola the whole day so we could go up without sitting on the outdoor lifts. The next two days it was a lot warmer so we had more flexibility, but overall the skiing was amazing!

Funny skiers.

Funny skiers.

We also stayed at the cutest alpine-inspired hotel ever, and our room had a fireplace, Jacuzzi in the room facing the fireplace, huge comfy bed, flatscreen, Keurig, and a huge bathroom. The room itself was also ginormous! Also the hotel had cookies and warm cider/hot chocolate every day and even had a wine and cheese night while we were there. I want to go back there for every trip because it was so amazing and romantic!

Our fireplace in the room.

Our fireplace in the room. This was on the whole time.

Christmas tree in the main hotel building.

Christmas tree in the main hotel building.

We also sought out and found some delicious restaurants and, because it was vacation AND the holidays, we indulged a bit. I felt better about it because we were skiing so much of the time, which was a pretty good exercise and my legs were so sore afterwards (in a good way). Such good food in Vermont and there’s so many great farm-to-table places which are my favorite. Yum!



I can’t wait to ski again soon and hopefully make one more trip up to Vermont this winter! The mountains in Vermont are just so amazing compared to the smaller mountains closer to NYC, which we ski most of the time. Either way, skiing is one of my favorite activities and makes the winter worth it. Karl and I had an amazing time in Vermont on our much needed trip 🙂


Have you ever been skiing? Where did you go?


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7 Responses to 2013 Resolutions Recap, 2014 Resolutions & Skiing Vermont

  1. I’m in the lottery for NYCM and really, really hoping to get in! After a DNF in 2013, it would be my first full!

  2. Your ski vacation looks so picturesque! I love your resolutions too – NYCM 2014 here we come!

  3. GB

    I think you should try for a 7 minute plank again. Happy New Year!

  4. I want that bear! I would plop it right in the middle of our TV room and use it as a chair. My top resolution in 2014 is to complete my first triathlon (70.3 distance). Your skiing adventure looks beautiful. I live 20 minutes from Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, thus skiing is a way of life here. 🙂

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