Running Clearly: SportRx Prescription Sunglasses

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Are you an athlete? Then make sure you read this post! I am so excited about this post because I get to introduce you to my new favorite company: SportRx. I was lucky enough recently that SportRx helped me create my very own pair of super awesome Oakley prescription sunglasses… but these aren’t just your ordinary running glasses. They were specially made for me with my own eyeglasses prescription so I can actually SEE when I’m running, cycling, hiking, or doing anything active! And since they have all brands and styles to suite your personal preferences, you can look incredibly cool while enjoying your sport.



As per the SportRx website: “SportRx is a SoCal-based company that was built by active opticians who ride their bikes, run their races, push their jogging strollers, and bomb down slopes. For nearly two decades, we have specialized in custom sunglasses for athletes in virtually every sport, and have mastered the art of prescription wrap around lenses.”

And they really do mean virtually every sport. SportRx creates prescription sunglasses for your every day life (for example, you can get your regular prescription in RayBan Wayfarer‘s!) and/or anything else you could possibly need them for including:

-Running (of course! hey, this IS a running blog)
-Baseball, Basketball, Football
-Scuba Diving

Plus, they have more brands than you can imagine including: Oakley, Adidas, Nike, Ray Ban, Dragon, Under Armour, Julbo, etc. So rest assured you can pretty much find something for you that suits your style and needs.

My Oakley's!

My Oakley’s!

Getting Your Glasses:

First things first, SportRx is run by sports opticians who really, really love their job. Their passion for sports and athletes very much shines through, and makes for a unique experience. They understand the needs of an athlete and our crazy ways that others can’t quite grasp. And any runner/cyclist/triathlete knows thats crucial!

To choose my sunglasses, I was set up on a call with one of these opticians  who I discussed my vision issues with and sports I’m involved in. I explained that I am primarily a runner and cyclist and, although I need glasses for distance, I usually run without contacts/glasses (not a good idea) and I cycle with contacts. However, my contacts always dry out during cycling which has caused a problem for me with visibility. I start out okay on my rides but part way through my contacts start to get scratchy. So its almost like the people at SportRx KNEW I needed a solution to my problems!

They suggested for me a pair of Oakley RPM Edge sunglasses with red tinted lenses to adjust to glare and excessive light during those bright days on my bike or running on the pavement. The Edge frames also wrap around great to prevent excess light from sneaking in the sides and irritating my eyes. They also come in a hard case that protects the glasses well and I’m comfortable throwing them in my bag while they are in the case. I also think they just generally look really cool on my face.. they are pretty badass.

Oakley RPM Edge

Oakley RPM Edge

Once we finalized the style of the sunglasses, all that was left was for me to send them a copy of my eyeglasses prescription so they could create my masterpiece. Since I had just been to the eye doctor they emailed it to me and I jut forwarded it over to SportRx. Within two weeks of chatting with SportRx and sending my prescription, my Oakley’s arrived at my house and of course I was giddy with excitement! I put them on immediately and took them for a run.

My Experiences:

My biggest concern honestly was that the sunglasses would move around. I also envisioned them moving all over the place. Having never worn running/sport sunglasses before I wasn’t convinced that they could sit still on my face. But, alas, I was proven completely wrong (in a good way). I have run and cycled in these and they really do not budge.. its amazing. I have officially been converted to sunglasses while running.. I haven’t run without them since I got them! I LOVE them. Plus not only are they comfortable but they help me feel safe in the busy city. I can see clearly while being active and also protect my eyes in the harsh sunlight. Its a win-win.

First time wearing my new shades.

First time wearing my new shades.

I am so thrilled to have gotten these for the summer, they have really come in handy. I’ve run many times and in many places with these. Since I’m still in recovery mode my longest run in them was 4.5 miles but I had no problems the whole time. They didn’t even move during all those miles and with lots of sweat on a hot summer day. I barely knew I had them on!

Running around Brooklyn.

Running around Brooklyn.

Another great run.

Another great run.

Another great thing is that SportRx can send you a pair of frames to try on and, if you don’t like them, you just send them back before you buy (you get a full refund). If you like them, you send them back (free shipping!) and they can add your prescription lenses!

Final Thoughts:

As you can tell I really, really, really love my new Oakley sunglasses from SportRx. I am a convert and recommend them to everyone. I’m already planning to get myself prescription ski goggles next season! Check out the Sport Rx website to create your custom sunglasses online, they even have a live chat on their website, or you can call (888-831-5817) or email. Also since I’m a blogger, I’ll also share with you that they have a blog where you can catch up on all things prescription sunglasses!


Do you run in prescription eyewear? Thoughts on it?
Do you run in a hat, sunglasses, or none of the above?


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4 Responses to Running Clearly: SportRx Prescription Sunglasses

  1. I wear contacts and Oakley sunglasses when I run. I love the sunglasses but my hesitation to try prescription sunglasses is that if I wanted to take them off to go indoors, I would be totally blind without them!

  2. Steven

    I know it’s been nearly two years since you posted this post, but I’m considering to get prescription sport sunglasses for long distance running. In your experience, do your prescription sport sunglasses distort your vision? Thanks for telling me about SportRx!

    • runlikeagrl

      Hi there! For me the glasses did not distort my vision, but my glasses did go to my periphery so they were in front of most of my visual field. I really love my glasses and they are so great for me!

      • Steven

        I went ahead and ordered my own pair of prescription sunglasses and I actually got them today! They are awesome!

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