The Blog Posts I’ve Been Writing & I’m About To Get Hitched!

Hey all! Its been quite a while since my last post but I swear I have a good reason–wedding planning! My wedding is now in 11 days (eek!!) and I’ve been busy planning all the nitty gritty details for the past few months which has left me tired and SO excited for resting on our honeymoon! We’ve chosen to make the wedding very personalized which has added to all the planning and details. So basically I did this to myself, but I think the wedding will make all the hard work worth it πŸ™‚ I’m going to be a Mrs so soon!


While I haven’t posted on this page for a while I have been writing blog posts. If you remember, I work with a company called Cal EZ which creates individual packets of powdered calcium+vitamin D. These packets are SO easy to incorporate into your daily routine and I don’t go a day without sprinkling mine over my breakfast or mixing it into my drink.


As a writer for their blog, my focus is basically similar to what I write about here: health, running, fitness. Although I’ve been stepping outside my past posts a bit and have taken to also creating workouts on the Cal EZ blog! I’m finally writing down my own workouts and sharing them with you! So, to keep you guys busy while I’m off getting married and traveling on my honeymoon the next few weeks, here’s a bunch of my past posts on the Cal EZ blog for you to check out:

What They Don’t Tell You About Running Half Marathons

The Craziest Workout Moves for the Craziest Body

Hate Running? Here’s How To Love it!

Tips for Exercising With Your Dog

Springtime Exercise Tips for the Outdoors

Quick Workout for your Afternoon Energy Boost

Stretches for Anytime of the Day

Happy reading!!

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