Well, its been a while

So, let’s be honest. Its been a while since I’ve last been in the blogosphere of my own page. Hopefully you follow me on twitter and instagram where I’ve been active and posting regularly–if you have, you know what I’ve been up to. Basically, the biggest thing you need to know is that I’m now a married woman, had an amazing honeymoon in Costa Rica, and have spent a lot of time in 2016 traveling.

I’ve also been blogging, just not on this page. If you remember from way back when, I’ve been blogging with Cal-EZ and have written some great posts over there. Check out this link to see all of my posts. But here is a list of some of my favs:

7 Tips to Motivate and Enhance Your Treadmill Running Experience (with treadmill workouts!)

8 Mental Strategies to Get Race-Day Ready

6 Running Gear Items You Can’t Race Without

And I also wrote a guest blog post I love on Grace from Lean Girls Club’s blog on How To Fall in Love With Winter Running! I think this is a really important one for this time of year–even a seasoned runner can have trouble keeping themselves motivated to run in the winter. So check out that post to help you get your winter game back on track!

Other than those posts, 2016 was a year of changes all around. I was so focused on my wedding all year, and then wanting to relax after my wedding, that I actually didn’t run any races at all. I ran, but not in any organized capacity. I was supposed to run the NYC Marathon, but sprained my ankle the last day of my honeymoon (I know… annoying right?!) which stopped me from running for about 2 whole months afterwards. Needless to say, I took my return back to running slow and have kept it at low mileage ever since.

And to be honest, I’m enjoying it. While running is my love, I’m also learning to love other things like yoga (been taking classes regularly now!), HIIT, and strength training. Its opened up a new work of exercise for me to help me complement my running routines, and its been fantastic. I’ve keep it pressure-free. I run when I want to run and how long I want to run for. Its freeing and wonderful. That’s not to say I won’t start training for something in the next few months, but for now I’m enjoying the journey and my new routine.

My goal is to keep posting more regularly here. It won’t be daily, as things have gotten very busy for me at work and in life. But I hope to bring it back to more regular postings.

Hope you all have been well–I’ve missed you all!

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